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Women Dominate the West in the Netflix Series ‘Godless’


Women Dominate the West in the Netflix Series ‘Godless’

Godless, the seven part mini series from Netflix, is everything women have been waiting for in a western. In typical western style, it’s an intense show jam packed with gun slingers, shoot outs, and above all, action. The show is written and directed by Scott Frank (ShamelessThe Wolverine) with Steven Soderbergh as executive producer.

The show is set in New Mexico territory. Jeff Daniels plays Frank Griffin, a legendarily brutal outlaw, and Jack O’Connell (Unbroken) plays Roy Goode, a former fellow gang member who betrays Griffin shooting him in the arm and fleeing with the loot from a payroll heist, taking shelter with a widow by the name of Alice Fletcher, played by Michelle Dockery. She’s an outlaw, much like Roy, raising her son on her own. However, the real selling point for the series is that Fletcher lives outside a mining town named La Belle, which is populated almost entirely by women. The story goes that nearly all the men were killed in an accident at the mine.

Godless takes the typical male dominated Western genre and turns it on its head. Where women in westerns usually play barmaids or brothel madams, in Godless the women dominate the series. They’re witty, gunslinging, take-no-bullshit outlaws fighting off the bad guys.

In an interview with HuffPost, Michelle Dockery spoke of the series saying, “There’s far more women involved in the narrative. Life was, in those times, for these women, a hard scrabble. Every day, trying to make something out of nothing. They were extremely tough women.” Without giving too much of the show away, its safe to say these brave, badass cowgirls of the wild west prove they are ready and fully capable to take down a gang of unlawful men.

Godless is streaming now on Netflix.



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