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Beauty Blogger Kirstie Lauren Making it Easier to be Green


Beauty Blogger Kirstie Lauren Making it Easier to be Green

Each day that we tart up, gloss, rinse and repeat we are exposing our skin as well as our depleting natural resources (the water that goes down the drain) to toxic gunk. And under current laws, all that stuff doesn’t require FDA premarket approval, with the exception of color additives. The only thing that is really policed is “truth in advertising,” like when a product is touted as organic.

Beauty blogger Kirstie Lauren, aka the Goofy Mermaid, had always considered herself a little more on the “crunchy” side, making an effort to be kind to Mother Earth and watching what she put into her body. When a family member was stricken with cancer, however, she was shaken to the core and truly realized the importance of green living and actually reading labels. “I was sort of oblivious actually. I didn’t realize that there were certain ingredients and products that were so bad for you,” said Lauren. “And I didn’t really observe and closely check labels.”

The 31-year-old Canadian discovered that she was not alone in the blind trust that consumers put on giants in the beauty industry to deliver safe products, citing Johnson & Johnson as one of the prime offenders. Best known as a provider of baby products, Eva Echeverria was awarded a $417 million settlement after using their talcum powder and consequently developing ovarian cancer. “I was shocked to find out that most cancer is caused by lifestyle choices and not genetics. So that makes it even more important to be aware of what you’re putting on your skin,” said Lauren. “The brands that are forthcoming with their ingredients are the ones that deserve to be in front of consumers.”

So she made it her goal to help educate women on the importance of clean cosmetics and lifestyle products, and to usher the smaller “clean and green” companies into the spotlight. She approached some of her favorite companies like Bella Aura and Inika Organics about creating subscription bundles delivered to your door every other month in a beautiful reusable box. “It was daunting for sure, but their support and the fact that other people saw that there was something that was missing in the market caused a ripple effect,” explained Lauren.

They gave birth to Beauty Gone Green, which launched earlier this month. You can purchase a one-off box for $79 or get a box every other month for six months ($225) or 12 months prepay ($432). The more boxes you purchase the more of a discount you get. Beauty Gone Green guarantees that the contents of your box will always be free of synthetic fragrances, parabens, BHA & BHT, phthalates, sulfates, triclosan, and free from animal testing.

Purchased alone the products would cost a lot more than the bundle. And if you fall in love with a certain product, your subscription affords you discounts at the individual company’s websites.

You can also follow Lauren on Instagram, @thegoofymermaid.



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