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Kesha’s ‘Woman’ is the Bravest Girl Power Anthem of 2017

Richard Shotwell


Kesha’s ‘Woman’ is the Bravest Girl Power Anthem of 2017

Kesha’s ‘Woman,’ off her third studio album Rainbow, was released in the midsts of the much-needed feminist uproar against the Donald Trump administration and the ever-growing sexual harassment crisis. The last year has been an exhausting and frightening journey for women around the world, movements like the Women’s March brought momentary relief against the war on women.

Seven years ago, when Kesha made her debut as the fun, glittery faced pop star party girl, you wouldn’t have guessed she would later be a prominent voice on the feminist frontlines. Through her latest album, Kesha has been able to liberate herself through her music — Kesha details her emotional exoneration process of healing with pop track ‘Praying,’ which most suggest is about the emotional and sexual abuse the singer encountered at the hands of ex-producer Dr.Luke.

‘Woman’ is a multifaceted powerful track — behind its lyrics of opposition to an oppressive society is a celebratory anthem created for women, and those who identify as women, to love oneself with wild abandon. Kesha isn’t just a woman, she’s a motherfucking woman and she is not afraid to scream it from mountaintops. Kesha’s confidence and self acceptance shines through when speaking of ‘Woman,’ — “I just really fucking love being a woman and I wanted an anthem for anyone else who wants to yell about being self-sufficient and strong,” she told Rolling Stone back in July.

Kesha was able to find her inner strength and take back control of her narrative while fighting for her own freedom – and that makes her an inspirational and powerful beacon of hope and light in dark times.



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