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Revenge of the Nerd: Erikka Innes

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Revenge of the Nerd: Erikka Innes

It’s been said in various ways that 90% of success is just showing up, and talent and luck wrestle over credit for the remaining 10%. Stanford grad Erikka Innes, a technical writer turned stand-up comic, keeps hitting the boards and the lonely road week after week. Or is she a comedienne who moonlights as the architect of many a dry yet informative white paper?

No matter where you stand on the chicken/egg theory, Innes is every Dungeons & Dragons dude’s (or dudette’s) fantasy gal realized. She’s cute; she’s funny; she’s smart; she’s bisexual. What’s not to like? And, she currently has her third comedy special, Unicorn Dance Party 2, is streaming on Amazon Prime.  At first glance, Innes really does look like the hoodie sporting four-eyed geek who will help you clear your cache. Look at a little closer and one can see how she revs up many a hard drive.

And then comes the comedy. On stage Innes drops a sophomoric dick joke here and then follows it up with a clever and well-crafted barb on cultural aspects of society. For example, she finds if funny that people are surprised that she goes to Burning Man and does drugs. “They’ll be like so you go to Burning Man, does that mean you do drugs when you go to Burning Man and I’m like yeah. Of course I do drugs. And they’re like well that’s weird because you don’t seem like somebody who would do drugs. And I’m like that’s correct because that’s the right way to do drugs. Who wants to look like they use drugs? I don’t want to walk around and have somebody be like meth?”

We like her take on feminism:

“Feminists get mad sometimes if the waiter places the check in front of the man. That one doesn’t bother me. I’m just like awesome! the waiter thinks I picked someone who has a job! I rule, go me. And then I pay for it anyway.”

Her bit on how she is received by guys and lesbians when it comes to her bisexuality is close to side splitting:

“I don’t like saying bisexual. I feel like if I say it to straight men they’re like “Yay that means we can have a threesome on the first date.” And “I’m like uh no it’s six dates, 3 for the other woman, 3 for me because I’m a lady.” And with lesbians it sucks to say it because they’ll be like “oh you’re gonna leave me for a man.” And I’m like whoa I know lesbians move fast, but we haven’t even been on one date, back it up. Also, how come I have to be the jerk in the story? What if she leaves me for a woman, am I gonna be like phew samesies. My heart really would have been broken if it was for a dick but phew. ”

It’s when Innes broaches these “sensitive” topics that her audience seems a little reluctant to laugh, and she chooses not to respond in kind. That’s when she grabs us and makes us to hear more. Her tweets and Facebook posts also display a pithy wit that should gain her more followers: The collection plate at church is Kickstarter for Jesus.

For Halloween I want to dress up as something that terrifies me but I can’t decide between “Long term commitment” and “Math.” @nerdgirlcomedy

Consequently, The SF Weekly tapped her as a top comedian to follow on Twitter. She’s penned jokes for that ever-witty New York Post, the hilarious Washington Times, and she was a regular on Sirius XM’s “Hey Get Off My Lawn.”

In 2010, Innes completed her own comedy album Sex with Nerds​ and three years later released a follow up, Smells Like Nerd Spirit (both available on iTunes, Pandora, Spotify and GooglePlay.)

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and want to check Innes sporting a “new” vintage find, she appears regularly at Flapper’s Comedy Club in Burbank. Or maybe she’ll replace your shattered smartphone screen. Either way, we think you’ll come out a winner.



Holly Aguirre cut her teeth on the music scene in Athens, Ga., sweating to what are now considered oldies by R.E.M., Pylon, Love Tractor & the B52's. A veteran journalist with 15 + years experience, she's worked in (almost) every medium of communication & has written for Esquire, Rolling Stone, the New York Daily News, the New York Post, Mademoiselle, CosmoGIRL, the Chicago Tribune, the Boston Herald & more. Luckily, the skeletons in her closet are not talking -- yet.

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