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Singer-Songwriter Maggie Schneider Exclusively Premieres Music Video for ‘Chuck Bass’


Singer-Songwriter Maggie Schneider Exclusively Premieres Music Video for ‘Chuck Bass’

At first glance, Maggie Schneider looks like the adorable All-American girl next door. Look at little closer and even better, listen and you just might find that this apple-cheeked spitfire might just be one of the voices for a new generation of feminist badasses. A writing major at the Savannah College of Art & Design/Atlanta (SCAD), Schneider has been singing, writing down songs and speaking her mind ever since she can remember.

She already has one album, Insomniac, under her belt and is set to drop an EP called Tinted Glasses in January 2018. But before you get visions of Tracy Chapman or Ani DiFranco, take a look at her new video. Inspirer has teamed up with Maggie Schneider to bring you the premiere of her music video for her new song, “Chuck Bass.”

 We were also curious to find out what makes the next gen tick and after a quick chat with Schneider we feel a little more secure with the future in this oh-so unpredictable world. We think you’ll find her fresh voice inspiring.

Photo by Christian Zubernis

“Chuck Bass” was written in the spirit of supporting women. Why are songs about social justice and affecting change so important to you?

I think that we need more songs about social justice especially in times like these where it seems like the world is divided. Music is a universal language that offers the ability to spread these messages both peacefully and beautifully. 

“Chuck Bass” is a sassy song all about women standing up for themselves and valuing honesty and integrity in relationships, over wealth and status. It’s about how I can’t be bought. My song is a positive reminder of how much strength we have as women, and I think that this is an important topic to be expressed in music. It is up to us to celebrate each other and make a difference in the world without diminishing our male counterparts. 

Who are your female heroes, musically, poetically and even politically?

I have many female heroes whom I look up to for inspiration. First off, my mom is my biggest female hero. She has been my rock since I was a baby, and the most supportive figure in my life. She is strong, hardworking, and incredibly kind; I strive to be as good-hearted as her. 

Musically, Lady Gaga has been one of my biggest inspirations over the years. I’ve been a fan of hers since I was 11 years old, and I just saw her perform live for the first time. She is an incredibly honest artist, and I admire the ways that she sincerely expresses her struggles and pain through music. She also continues to address the issue of equality in this country, but does so by promoting love and kindness over hatred and fear. We need more female artists like Lady Gaga, P!nk, and Demi Lovato to continue making great music that connects us all together. That’s my biggest goal.

Women have fostered fear in one another through jealousy or whatever other emotions. How do you support other women without prejudice?

Women need to stick together – that’s all there is to it. We can’t continue fostering fear, jealousy, and anger in one another because it is going to lead to horrible isolation. Instead of bringing other women down, I always do my best to raise them up. 

All of the women I know are talented in the arts, athletics, education, and more. I strive to support them in every way I can, and to learn from what they do. I also continue to collaborate with women so that we can all learn and succeed together! It’s important to remember that supporting others doesn’t take away from our own successes. 

I want my music to inspire all generations of women to chase their dreams no matter what. If we all do this and support one another, the world will become an even more beautiful place. 

 How supportive is SCAD in fostering your career?

Being a full-time student at the Savannah College of Art and Design has been one of the most amazing and creative experiences of my life so far. The students and faculty alike have been incredibly supportive of my artistic endeavors, both in school and onstage, and I think that my music has definitely benefitted from taking classes at SCAD.

Whether I am taking a writing class or a design class, SCAD has really expanded my horizons as a musician, and has given me the opportunity to meet people from all around the world. This creative diversity has sparked my songwriting and inspires me to become the best artist I can be.

I also count SCAD president Paula Wallace as an inspiration. The things she’s done for both artists and students alike are incredible. SCAD was my first choice and the only college I applied to, and I’m really thankful for her giving me a creative place to learn!



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