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Today in 1974 Helen Reddy Nabs the No. 1 Spot with ‘Angie Baby’


Today in 1974 Helen Reddy Nabs the No. 1 Spot with ‘Angie Baby’

Through her career, Helen Reddy delivered 15 Top 40 singles, and earned herself the title the “Queen of ’70s Pop.” The success of “I Am Woman” in 1972 drew focus to Reddy and her smooth sound. The second wave of feminism adopted the singer and song for the women’s liberation movement, making Reddy a sort of “poster girl” for ’70s feminism.

“Angie Baby” is an Alan O’Day song inspired loosely by “Lady Madonna” by The Beatles. It was an era of storytelling, and “Angie Baby” tells of a young, mystical girl who O’Day painted as “crazy.” Reddy’s then-husband and manager was blown away when he first heard the song, and within a week released it as a single. The song was first offered to Cher, who turned it down.



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