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Today in 1982 Toni Basil Hits Number 1 with ‘Mickey’


Today in 1982 Toni Basil Hits Number 1 with ‘Mickey’

Choreographer, actress, and singer Toni Basil reached the top of the U.S. Singles chart in late 1982 with “Mickey.” The Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn written pop tune was originally recorded as “Kitty” by a band named Racey for their debut album in 1979, but Basil wanted to sing the song about a man. Rumors swarmed that the name Mickey came from Basil’s admiration for The Monkees’ singer/drummer, Mickey Dolenz. However, she has denied that the song is referring to Dolenz.

Two videos were shot for “Mickey.” The first featured Basil and a backing band, and the second is the iconic cheerleader video we all know. It’s considered to be the very first choreographed dance music video. Fun fact: the stunt at the beginning of the video is now illegal in cheer competitions.

“Mickey” held the number one ranking in the U.S. for a week, and earned Basil a spot in the “one hit wonders” club. In the late ’90s, pop artist, Lolly, released her own version, and “Mickey” found itself back in the Top 10.



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