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First Aid Kit Release ‘Ruins’

Photo by Sam Potts


First Aid Kit Release ‘Ruins’

Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit has released their first album in four years, and rest assured, it was well worth the wait. A beautifully complex compilation of dark and light-heartedness, Ruins shows off First Aid Kit’s unique and genuine sound. The sisters rose to fame in 2008 with a cover of Fleet Foxes‘s song “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song,” and have since become a dynamic force in Indie Folk music. Ruins is their fourth studio album.

Dreamy rhythms carry the listener on a journey of romance and heartbreak. Reflective of its title, Ruins is an album composed of songs speculating on the remains of broken relationships. Songs like “Hem of Her Dress,” “Rebel Heart,” and “Firework” contain gut-wrenching vocals enough to rip your heart of. They also veer from the typical First Aid Kit sound, incorporating electronic and classic rock sounds.

“To Save a Life” and “Ruins” stay rooted in First Aid Kit’s individual folk sound. Acoustic guitars and pedal drums in combine with Kiara and Johanna’s voices to create whimsical melodies.

The album concludes with one of it’s strongest tracks. “Nothing Has to be True” has a strong emphasis on vocals and tells the story of loving and losing someone who makes you feel like home. Riddled with sentiments of abandonment, hurt, and mistrust the song grapples with the complexity of loving someone who isn’t good for you, and ultimately what remains once they are gone.

Ruins is a work of art showing the evolution of First Aid Kit’s music and breaking hearts while doing so. The album contains some of the duo’s best songs yet and is captivating from start to finish.



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