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Watch St. Vincent’s Acoustically Driven Tiny Desk Concert


Watch St. Vincent’s Acoustically Driven Tiny Desk Concert

One of the realisations I’ve had within the last year is that, despite my popular mocking of fangirls, I might just be one. I’ve also learned that that’s fine. Whatever makes a person happy is a good thing for them, and St. Vincent makes me happy.

So, there. I said it. I AM A FANGIRL.

NPR’s Tiny Desk concert series is one of the best musical finds on youtube. Pair it up with La Blogothèque and that video with the gigantic marionettes and you’ll have a hell of a night lined up before you. Netflix, who?

Some of my favorite artists have played their own Tiny Desk concerts, so much so that every week, Inspirer will feature one. Artists like Ani DiFranco, Anna Calvi, Aldous Harding, and Kate Tempest—to name a few—have set up shop in the NPR offices for a one-off gig. It’s with that said that St. Vincent having a Tiny Desk of her own has been a long time coming and finally, it’s here.

Playing three songs from her latest album, MASSEDUCTIONNew York, Los Ageless, and Slow Disco—in a stripped-down set reminiscent of decade-old performances of yore that first brought her to my attention, St. Vincent captivates every single person in the room.

And me.

A fangirl.

And, well, St. Vincent’s lot in life seems to be to coolly captivate and if there’s any unchoreographed live performance that says that, it’s with NPR, the Tiny Desk concert series, and her classic red beret.



A proudly queer, freelance music journalist, Em splits her time between Durham and London. When she's not at a gig, mouth-agape, she'll be camped outside of a Parisian bistro taking photographs of strangers. Her motto -- a snippet from Alexander Pope's Essay on Man -- is, "hope springs eternal", and believes that getting to write about music shows it really does. Em is also an active gaymer and writes for Discover Geek.

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