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Yesterday We Marched


Yesterday We Marched

The revolution was televised. From LA to DC, Nigeria to the UK, demonstrators gathered together for the 2nd Annual Women’s March. Millions who felt they were unheard found their voice, and millions who felt like a number felt like they counted. Protestors from all walks of life and all corners of the world stood united because they understood that divided they fall. It was clear that this wasn’t a march just for women; it was a march for everyone. Whether they were anti-Trump or pro-DACA, anti-establishment or pro-choice; everyone had something to say and the platform to say it.

In LA, protestors came in droves, flooding the downtown streets. With signs held high, we marched from Pershing Square to Capitol Hill, where entertainers and activists like Viola Davis and Natalie Portman took to the main stage. They shared their stories of discrimination and inequality and encouraged us to continue the fight long after we put down the signs. We were reminded that as one of the most diverse and progressive cities in the country, it’s our fundamental right to stand up for those unable to stand up on their own. And they reminded us that change is only possible if we speak up and show up. In the midst of a government shutdown, we all showed up. During last year’s march, an estimated 2.6 million people joined in peaceful protest, and it’s anticipated that even more marched this year.

Yet despite all the progress we’ve made, there were still millions who couldn’t march, millions who couldn’t say me too. Yesterday we marched for every Dreamer whose very livelihood is threatened. We marched for every child forced into sex trafficking. We marched for every transgender bullied into silence. We marched for the broken, the downtrodden, the abused, the misrepresented.

And for every voice that isn’t heard, we spoke up that much louder. The revolution was televised, and we showed up.





Keldine Hull is a Los Angeles based entertainment writer, author, and (self proclaimed) poet. The common thread in all her written work is her love of music, television, and film. Her sense of direction is literally non- existent, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have a clear goal in life, which is to share the stories that need to be told and (hopefully) brighten up someone's day. She's also a pool shark; she will literally annihilate you in pool and not think twice about it.

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