About: Cortney

Cortney is currently a Ph.d student in the Media Studies department at the University at Buffalo. Starting in the Department of History as an undergrad and Masters student she followed many interests and passions and ultimately found herself in the Media Studies department, working towards a film studies degree. After surviving many tough life experiences she was bitten by the activism bug and has since worked to raise awareness about issues like sexual assault, mental illness, and domestic violence. While her musical tastes still lie in the 70s, she is focusing her energies on creating media that matters in the present through documentary work, creating Public Service Announcements, and creating education programs for middle and high school students to learn about mental illness, domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. In her free time she plays softball, reads rock biographies, improves her vinyl collection, and spins Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac as often as possible.

Interviews and Features by Cortney: